State & Local Government

EASiBuy is proud of its long-term partnerships with some of the country’s largest public procurement departments. We make it easy for complex procurement codes to integrate with the world’s leading reverse auction technology, redefining how governments can approach their most complicated procurements. Paying the right price to the right vendors is now standard for the many procurement departments that have experienced EASiBuy.

We've helped our customers save across many verticals such as:

  • Waste/Recycling
  • Security
  • Public Safety Equipment
  • Fuel/Oil
  • Construction
  • Janitorial Products
  • Vehicles

Last year we saved our customers over
$127 million !

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What are they saying?

EASi took the time to meet with us on several occasions, explaining the process, how the software works and the laws around reverse auctions. The additional customer service and support that the EASi team provided was extremely valuable. The county saved $350,000 from the estimated amount and we were able to create a cooperative contract with very competitive pricing that other agencies could purchase from. We now consider reverse auctions for most of our procurements!

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